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12 Tips for Surviving a Fight

1. Kill or capture the enemy before he kills you

Corollary: Be able to kill the enemy before he kills you

Commentary: If you kill or capture the enemy, that enemy cannot kill you

2. Minimize your exposure

Commentary: The greater your exposure to the enemy, the higher the odds that he will kill you or wound you

3. Do not get distracted

Commentary: Momentary lapses of attention expose you to threats you would normally recognize

4. Know what the threat is and will be

Commentary: You cannot address threats you do not recognize

5. Stay with a unit of ample size; do not get separated

Commentary: Your enemy will seek to isolate you and then kill you

6. Avoid the enemy crossfire and kill zone

Commentary: Your best cover against one enemy may expose you to another when in a crossfire, and a kill zone is where your enemy wants you to be

7. Have a way out

Commentary: If you cannot leave a position you will have to fight where you are even if the situation turns

8. Do not force your shot

Commentary: Maneuver yourself or your enemy into the right position and take your shot when you can kill him  (Forcing shots causes you to expose yourself for no gain)

9. Avoid occupying the same place where another fell until after there is a change in the conditions

Commentary: If a threat continues to exist, a place where that threat has already delivered casualties is likely to deliver more casualties

10. Do not stay in one position or face in only one direction too long

Commentary: Staying in one place or facing in only one direction too long gives an enemy that acquires you the time to position, aim, and strike

11. Fight unfair

Commentary: Seek to initiate a fight only when you have a decisive advantage, preferably one that gives the enemy no chance

12. Stick with your buddy

Commentary: When by accident or circumstance you violate any of the previous 11 rules of survival, your buddy is your first and best chance to live through the consequences

Also note that the easiest enemy to kill is the enemy that is trying to kill someone else or the enemy that is trying to avoid being killed by someone else; and likewise that your own greatest exposure comes from the enemy you have not seen that acquires you while you focus on another enemy or take action to avoid that other enemy



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